CDN do you really require it on your site?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is very popular these days. Everyone wants to implement it on their professional sites for various purposes. There are a lot of benefits if we have CDN used in our websites some of them I am listing below.

  1. CDN optimizes the delivery of images.
  2. CDN makes sure that the images are served to you from the nearest server.
  3. Load time of content reduces by a considerable amount of time
  4. When one has a lot of content it is advised to move to CDN as it speeds up the entire website.

How does CDN work? Its pretty complex but I will put in very simple language. When an image is loaded suppose from India and the server is in the United States the content would be loaded from there but you are viewing it from India this would cause delay. Now imagine if we load the image from India itself this would things so much more faster. This is what a CDN does it keeps blobs or nodes at various places and loads images/content from the place where the request is being carried out.

Now you would certainly want to implement this because it speeds up your site but wait! this is paid! well most of it. Cloudflare is a service which offers CDN and other features for free but there are some issues in that which I will be covering in one of my later articles. Now I want to show you the actual difference when one uses CDN. So I am putting up two screenshots one with CDN and one without it lets see what the time difference is 🙂

This is with CDN 

This is without CDN

So as you can see there is a considerable amount of difference. CDN is a must for sites that are using a lot of heavy images and want their content to load faster. If you do have any questions feel free to leave a comment below 🙂