How to create a simple wordpress website with Microsoft Azure

WordPress is a very well known CMS. People use it for various purposes let it be blogging or a complex website. Currently 25% of the websites out there use WordPress which is why it’s so popular. One more reason is that WordPress is completely free and doesn’t charge anything for setting it up. Today I will be showing you how we deploy WordPress to azure.

Before this you should have a Microsoft Azure account or you can try it for free by registering here. Go forward and register I am sure you will have a very good experience. So now assuming you are in your azure portal lets go ahead and create a WordPress site.

  1. Go to azure website portal  and click on new and search for WordPress and then follow the image.

2. After selecting wordpress you should have a screen appear. Click on create.

3. After selecting create, enter the name of the website it will have the extension ( enter a new resource group and select the price tire according to your convenience if you are just trying it out select mercury and don’t forget to accept the legal terms otherwise create won’t work!

4. Then Go ahead and click purchase

5. After the click create and wait for it to deploy which will take some time then visit ( and configure WordPress.

And that’s it you are done you are now running a wordpress site on azure. You can get the FTP details in the settings panel leave a comment if you face any issues.