Why I Switched To Nginx On Microsoft Azure

When I started my backend development I knew about two major engines Apache and Nginx. I went ahead with Apache because that term seemed very familiar with me and moreover more than 50% of the website online use Apache. In addition to this even services like hostgator, Godaddy which provide shared services also configure Apache in their servers. So after that, I had configured apache on Microsoft Azure all was good but it always used to show me warning about cache controls and moreover you cant set any expiry headers on dynamic content as well.

Then I went ahead and did a lot of research and found that Nginx is much better than Apache in terms of Caching or let it be pageload times. So, I went ahead deployed a new virtual machine on Microsoft Azure and switched to Nginx and the results are just fantastic. Scores have improved drastically, cache control warning has reduced and Server response time issue has also gone which I used to see a lot on Apache.

This image below shows my results on Apache.

This image below shows my result on Nginx


Google PageSpeed Results

Pingdom Results

As you can see there is a lot of difference my backend score went up and even my pagespeed score. Moreover the major factor is  that look at the pageload time that is gone down considerably and that is what make a lot of difference. Moreover I am sharing with you my current pingdom results and Google PageSpeed Insight results so you can have a look. Feel free to ask questions 🙂