How To Create A CDN Service (Microsoft Azure)

CDN is required a lot these days considering the amount of images we process. Azure is the ideal service to use considering how simple it is to create and manage. In this post I will be showing you how easy it is to set up a CDN service. For this you need to have an active subscription with Microsoft Azure.

  1. Go to the Azure Portal and select Media + CDN and then select CDN.

2. After selecting CDN enter all the details as I have entered in this image you can obviously choose different names and a different price tier also. But I recommend this one as S2 deployed faster than S1 for me.

3. Then click create and you should have your CDN service running. Remember it takes time to get deployed so be patient.

If you are confused between which tier to pick then analyse what you need. In terms of performance I didn’t see a big difference. But definitely in terms of analytics P1 was better as it gives real time analytics none the less I use S2 and get really good results. In the end of the day CDN makes your website really fast and serves content from the nearest node which really helps improves page load times also. In the coming post I would be showing you how to integrate Azure CDN with Azure storage so that you can store images and process it through CDN.