How To Make Your Website More Secure By Adding HTTPS

HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is widely gaining popularity and most of the sites are implementing it considering its advantage. HTTPS not only secures the content which is transferred but also adds a trust element to the user who is using the website. In Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any popular web browser the site which has HTTPS is represented by a lock making it secure. Google has also issued an official statement in which it’s told that it won’t be loading sites which are not HTTPS in future so its high time that all the websites make the switch to HTTPS. There are various options online to get a free SSL certificate but I use Cloudflare as it is very easy to integrate with azure too. Also gives CDN and other security features which I will be covering in another post.

  • First step will be adding the 443 endpoint in azure to make sure it can serve HTTPS traffic. You can refer to my old post for this.
  • Next, we have to setup Cloudflare go ahead and add your domain. You will have to change your nameservers with your hosting (eg – godaddy). Change your nameservers and let Cloudflare do the rest.
  • After setting up CloudFlare choose the domain and go to overview

  • Next, select SSL and go to the security page

  • Select “Flexible” as this is the best option. After this wait for 24 hrs and you should see the SSL certificate get activated

  • Once it is activated it will show “Active Certificate”.

That’s it now you SSL running in your website. It is that simple to deploy an SSL certificate in your website. But remember this is free and it has certain restrictions so if you want more higher protection you can buy SSL and install it in your domain.