How To Get Started With Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a very innovative technology that has been developed by Microsoft. I tried using and was impressed by how simple it was today I am going to show how one can get started with it. There are two ways of going about it either you use the template or you make your own. In this tutorial I will show you how you can get started with it using a predefined template. I am going to use the predefined template and in this eg. I will show you how to send yourself a reminder in every 10 minutes.

  • Go to the Microsoft Flow Website and scroll down to templates. If you can’t see the template which I am using then click on see more.

  • You will see the template “Send myself a reminder in 10 minutes” go ahead and click it. Then click continue. Dont worry this name can be changed later to your custom name.

  • Now you will have the option where you can change the name of the process which is shown in this picture.

  • Next we will create the workflow this is very simple as you can see already 2 steps are predefined for us. You can leave it as it is or edit these to your preferences. Lets go ahead and make this a bit more complex.
  • Lets change the duration to 1 hour because 10 minutes will be a bit too frequent. I want to point something out here if you are wondering what dynamic content is then that means it can fetch the content dynamically. Well to be honest that is a bit complex and would require us to use a condition like get followers from twitter account that will be dynamic. Moreover if a flow is dynamic flow will intelligently detect it and alert you 🙂

  • As you can see this allows me to add a dynamic content. Because timestamp, address all that would be dynamic so it would be dynamic to that particular time. Lets go ahead and name this Alert.

  • So as you can see I have made it a bit complex here. Here I have added a condition which says that if the location says Bangalore it would send me a mail. This would allow me to filer whether its of high importance or not. Similarly more conditions can be added.

  • Then click create flow and thats it you would get a push notification every single time. Moreover you will also get a mail when its from Bangalore. Remember you need to have the app installed the links to which I will leave below.

Note : Here it says reminder in 10 minutes. But this will show a reminder in one hour as we set it to an hour.

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Feel free to leave comments and your questions below 🙂